1. Steel strapping
Customized Packing Mode also is very important.
Some Customers want to put their brand and name with Barcode on the each package.
Those customers provide us their own colorful artwork label in advance to put coil or pallet.
On the other hand, some customers prefer complete neutral packing without any name.
Coil Winding
    Oscillated ( Mill Wound, Rope Wound)-Coil ID 16"(406mm)
    Ribbon Wound-Coil ID 16"(406mm) or 12"(300mm)
    Jumbo Wound-Coil ID 16"(406mm)
    Mini Ribbon-Coil ID 8"(200mm)
    Hand-Carry box
Strap Surface Finish
    Black Painted & Waxed
    Brown Painted & Waxed
    Green Painted & Waxed
    Blue Painted & Waxed
    Blue Tempered & Waxed
    Zinc Coated & Waxed
Packing Modes on Wooden ( Fumigated) or Metal Pallets
    White Box
    Brown Box
    Plastic Shroud
2. Plastic (PET) Strapping
    We produce Fully Auto machine grade.
    Production Line ; Sima ( Italy)
3. Seals (Clips,Closures)
  We produce Open , Fully Closed Type, Semi Open Type and Serrated Seal for PET strapping Surface all Galvanized Coated- No Rusting !

White Box

Ribbon Coil

Brown painted

Green Strapping


New Product

Zinc Coated


Brown Box


Seal 114-32mm-500pcs-Box

PET-Serrated(Scored) Seal


Strap with 0.75inch-19mm

Wood Pallet Fumigated

Australia&New Zealand Zinc 200mm(7.8 inch ID)

Brown 200 ID


Metal&Wood Pallet fumigated

Mini Ribbon

Green Ribbon

Brown Strapping